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Counter-Strike Source

Valve have released a bunch of maps for Counter Strike Source that for the main part are remakes of old maps from the past games in the series. They have also released a few new maps that are made for the source version.

Counter-Strike Source

Since the map editor for source engine games(Hammer tools) is so easy to learn the amount of community made maps are enormous. The game also has an included downloader so if the server is running a thirdparty map you will have it automatically downloaded to your steamapps folder.

The new VFX will also improve players' ability to tell when their shots have connected and pinpoint the source of firing thanks to directed blood effects on the ground and floor. While these new VFX may only be a minor addition, they introduce an entirely new way to gather crucial information and give in-game combat a new, intriguing dimension. 041b061a72


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