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i've used the airconsole extensively as a serial console for a super computer i built. and the airconsole has been used for serial remote support sessions for windows server and unix servers, as well as for a wide variety of network devices as a serial console and for remote management applications. for the last 10 years i've been a serial field engineer, a trainer, a network and system engineer, and a vendor solution architect. from there i have been a network/system support technician, an it manager at a telecom cable tv operation, a college instructor on networking and network administration, and a generalist it professional.

tag comercio SERIAL

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but why not simplify it all and just use the browser? cloudstore is built on top of your existing web-app and stores the serial data collected by the device in our private cloudstore database. any time you need the data, you can fire up your web-app to view the data directly in the browser.

abstract the landscape of the world economy has changed significantly over the last twenty five years. the inter-connectedness of national economies, the rapid ascent of the bric countries (brazil, russia, india, china) in the global engineering environment and the pro-active role of organizations such as the world trade organization, regional alliances such as the eu, and mercosur are factors that have synergized this movement towards a new order. the completion of the tratado delibre comercio (tlc) agreement is a major milestone for the colombian economy. these developments have serious and opportunistic implications for organizations, engineers, and engineering educators. we focus here on the drivers and consequences for engineering practitioners and educators. corporate strategies, along with the need for engineering curriculum reform to ensure that colombian engineers will effectively compete in the global marketplace, are detailed.


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