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The Benefits of Assimil Il Tedesco Senza Sforzo MP3 77.00M for Learning German

Are you looking for an Italian proficiency course? Have you ever looked at 'K-Mart Il Tedesco - Plus' or 'K-Mart Il Tedesco' in Italian? I'm not sure how much they resemble Assimil, but I have a stack of cards that I bought at a K-Mart a while ago. Not sure if I want to try 'K-Mart' or not. Either way, it is a completely different course than Assimil's. I looked at the K-Mart ones last year and decided that they were not too helpful for my goals.

Assimil Il Tedesco Senza Sforzo MP3 77.00M

Hi everybody!I just wrote a post on Facebook about Assimil IL TEDESCO SENZA SFORZO.I have to say that I really like the course.The most important thing for me is that the course is: practical, with tons of exercises that help you to improve your Italian I italiano I es perfezionamento I Il insegnamento I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I It is far better (and the more balanced) than our own Assimil Deutsch/Italian.I have some doubts if the Italian course can be adapted (for other languages) because of the lack of its instructors (who did another course with other Assimil) but I think that you know better ;-))It is quite expensive (77.00 euros per month, two months) but is worth to buy it if you can use it.So, if you are interested, you can follow this link to the Facebook post:

I own the Assimil IL TEDESCO and I must admit to the good things about the course, however, I am confused on the Italian version, and, to be honest, do not know where to buy it. Can you help me?

Hhmmmmm, you asked me on twitter about your course. Assimil is currently offering the Tedesco course for $99.00 if you buy a subscription. I have a feeling that you are going to miss out on a wonderful Italian language course.


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