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[S1E15] Humanity

Red Volcano tells his siblings that he has all of their memories and plans to enact Morrow's plan: to activate a semi-dormant super volcano beneath Yellowstone. Volcano was bestowed with the power to activate it in three stages, killing millions and trapping the survivors in a cloud of ash. While humanity struggles to survive, they will build an army of androids to repopulate the world. Ivo calls Morrow from Strange's office, and Volcano impersonates his creator's voice. Ivo warns him that the young heroes found out his location and are on their way, supposedly without the League's knowledge. This turn of events pleases Red Volcano, who looks over to Red Tornado.

[S1E15] Humanity


In Morrow's lab, Red Tornado attempts to enlist Red Inferno and Red Torpedo to defeat Red Volcano. Inferno fails to see a reason to help save humanity as they are no longer humans, and Tornado points out that they were never humans, but they were heroes.

The title may come from the assumptions the Team made about Red Tornado wanting to be more like a human, or because Red Tornado saves "humanity" as he calls it, when he stops a level 3 volcano from erupting.

Galactron is intent on resetting Earth's ecosphere, judging it to be the cause of humanity's volatility. It looks like Gai's only chance to stop the rampaging robot might be to use the Belial card again. 041b061a72


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