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STAUB's rectangular terrine made of durable cast iron is a practical kitchen aid for both amateur and professional cooks. The black, elegant terrine with lid is ideal for gentle and healthy cooking of many different meals. It measures 30 x 11 cm and has a 1.45 l capacity. With its lid, it measures 12.8 cm high. Handles on the sides makes it easy to work with. The terrine's premium cast iron material stores heat and gently disperses it slowly and evenly for healthy cooking. It can be used on any type of cooker including induction hobs. This versatile cookware from the STAUB Speciality range is even used by top chefs. You too can use it to prepare gratins and other baked dishes that will impress your guests.

buy terrine

Free range pork shoulder and Australian pistachios combine in what is surely one of the most classic of terrine flavour combinations. Serve with a fruit chutney and a little Dijon or wholegrain mustard.

Cover the pan with foil and bake at 375ºF for about 30 minutes. Check to see if a knife or fork can be inserted with little resistance. If not, return the terrine to the oven and bake for 15-minute intervals until done.

Serve the terrine immediately or up to a day later. If you decide to wait, place a heavy plate or pan on top of the baked terrine and refrigerate overnight. Unmold the terrine and slice into desired portions. Reheat in the oven or served chilled.

We Americans started with cold Sancerre, bowls of Lucques olives, crisp Iranian pistachios, jambon de Bayonne, before peeling cold shrimp, with a big platter of cheese before we ended with dessert: fresh mint ice cream and chocolates. In between there was also pâté and terrine Gascogne and wild asparagus. 041b061a72


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