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one of the most serious implications of the bug is that it is able to allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code. shellshock was discovered as an out-of-bounds read in the way bash interprets strings. an attacker can exploit the vulnerability by sending the vulnerable program a crafted string to run. because of this, the bug can be triggered by the shell itself, unlike previous bugs that required an attacker to input commands or upload a file. more:

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it has a long history of finding bugs and exploits that only the most skilled hackers could ever uncover. the shellshock vulnerability was discovered in 2014 and was contained by the linux kernel. however, a bug in the way bash interprets commands has remained in the kernel.

no one is quite sure how long the shellshock vulnerability has existed. earlier this year, researchers posted information about a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to run arbitrary commands on a linux server. the flaw was in bash, a widely used command line interface for linux. bash is in the heart of many linux systems and is also used by many other computer languages.

the new shellshock bug has made it even easier to run arbitrary commands on a target device. a hacker could use this to run malicious code on a phone, tablet or even a desktop, aggarwal and arora wrote. the researchers found that the bug exists in bash 4.3 and earlier versions of the linux kernel, but they didnt specify which versions are affected. the researchers published their findings on july 29.

the researchers also found that the shellshock vulnerability can be exploited in combination with a second exploit, which lets a hacker access files stored on an android device. the duo discovered that a version of bash thats bundled with a third-party app can be abused. android-powered devices that have this app installed are vulnerable to a host of attacks.


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