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Valentine Ershov
Valentine Ershov

Mind Control Broadcast 2.mp3

Hello, I'm Dr. Stefanie. I've been impacting minds for over 20 years as pychology professor and licensed hypnotist. I retired to pursue things of a more erotic nature. I believe my talents are best used for sensual domination and soft, gentle mind control.

Mind Control Broadcast 2.mp3

writer neil sanders joins art in discussing cult mentalities and the use of propaganda all around the world to control and shape public opinion. plus some talk of the CIA, religious extremism, past lives, imperialism, pop stars, ghost writers, and shared consciousness - may feel political to some but i'd say stick with it, this is a great discussion on critical thinking and being more independently-minded even if you don't agree entirely. interview starts @ 8:40

(repost) - writer paul stonehill discusses paranormal research in the former USSR including ufo sightings, mind control experiments, weather modification, and psi development - we've finished sorting up to 1996 on the patreon WIP feed! come check it out @ 041b061a72


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