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martin: if you're just joining us, this is tell me more from npr news. i'm michel martin. we're talking about the links between addiction and mental health. we're joined by nisa beceriklisoy. she's an adult who grew up in the crack years. she has a new book about the impact of the crack epidemic on her generation. nisa, welcome to the program.

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beceriklisoy: the book is called in harm's way: the impact of the crack epidemic on my generation. and it's the most real story that i've ever told. and it's the story of my life growing up in the crack era. it's me telling my story in a way that is really moving, and it's really emotional. and it's about my experiences with the crack epidemic.

in addition to developing a sterilized pipe, there are safety concerns that must be addressed in any harm reduction program. crack cocaine smokers are known to be at high risk for hiv/aids as well as overdose death [ 19 ]. existing initiatives such as safe crack have been implemented to address the overdose death issue, while the hiv/aids issue has been targeted through syringe exchange programs and needle exchange programs. in fact, a number of countries have adopted needle exchange and syringe exchange programs as part of their hiv/aids prevention strategies, including canada, australia and the united kingdom [ 20 ]. safe crack has been implemented in a number of countries including canada, australia, the united kingdom and the united states and has been shown to be effective in reducing the rate of overdose death and in increasing the rate of hiv testing among crack cocaine smokers [ 21 ]. safe crack is essentially a supervised injection service in which users are given access to sterile pipes and in some cases, clean needles. users can also access referral services to reduce the risk of hiv transmission.


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