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Gmod Advanced Duplicator 2 Dupes

I just did that. All it does is make a folder under Advanced Duplicator 2 in game named advancedduplicator2, I put the dupe im trying to place down into the folder and it doesn't show up. I attached an image of what it looks like in game.

Gmod Advanced Duplicator 2 Dupes

The Duplicator is a tool that duplicates props and objects welded together. Right-clicking copies a prop or object and left-clicking pastes it. It helps when you need to build lots of identical things or transport things from one place to another. With the introduction of Gmod 13, copied objects can be saved to the users computer to be used later, across singleplayer and multiplayer worlds alike. In addition, you can upload your saved dupes to the Steam Workshop for others to spawn in and try. However, the duplicator tool is often disabled in servers due to abuse of the tool, leaving only the admin able to use it. 350c69d7ab


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