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Buy Double Cream ~REPACK~

I want to make a cake and the recipe has a double cream filling. I'm in France and it's impossible to buy double cream, or whipping cream, as we would normally find in the UK. What would you use, especially when making sweet recipes, as a substitute?

buy double cream

As French cream is at the lower end of the fat scale (vs double cream at around 46% fat) the cream will be more difficult to whip so make sure that it is thoroughly chilled before trying to whip it. You will also need an electric mixer (hand-held one is fine or stand alone mixer with a whisk rather than a paddle) and if possible cool or chill the bowl you are using. It will take longer to whip than double cream (though keep an eye on it as it can be over-whipped) and once the cream has reached soft peaks you can whisk in a couple of spoonfuls of mascarpone, if you like, to make it richer. If you are making one of the no-churn ice creams or a syllabub then make sure the cream is whipped before adding any extra ingredients and whisk them in a little at a time.

If the whipped cream filling is a sweetened cream then you can buy a sachet of creme fixe chantilly (found usually in the baking section). It is a powder that you add to the cream to help thicken and stabilize it when whipping so it may be useful if the filled cake needs to stand around for a while. However the powder contains sweeteners and flavourings as well so it may not be suitable in this case.

Brie is a traditional French cheese from the region of Brie, at the border of Ile-de-France and Hauts-de France. It has a distinctive creamy heart and bloomy rind. To fully appreciate this flowing luscious cheese, we recommend you take it out of the fridge at least thirty minutes before serving.

Brie has a soft rind that enhances the creamy and buttery taste. Alouette is a double cream Brie that lands an exceptional smooth texture and mild flavors. Some cheese enthusiasts prefer to enjoy the creamy cheese on its own or spread on bread. This is why Alouette created a delicious Brie spread. This delicacy is sold in our store and appreciated enjoyed under the name Crème de Brie, available in original flavor or with garlic and herbs. For those who are afraid of the rind, Crème de Brie is your perfect solution.

Named for its velvety smooth, creamy texture, this incredibly rich stout is brewed with 10 different specialty roasted malts chosen that impart notes of rich mocha and espresso. Dark and sweet tones intermingle with a soft, roasty finish.

Galbani Double Cream Ricotta has twice the cream of regular whole milk ricotta and all the delicious taste and texture you expect plus it is made with 4 simple ingredients. The perfect ricotta to eat on its own as a decadent snack, to make extra rich desserts, and to make your regular hot ricotta dishes even better. The true Italian taste and creamy texture of Galbani ricotta cheese now with double cream!15 oz.

Some enjoy serving double-cream brie baked in a pastry shell with sweet or savory ingredients. It can also be enjoyed by itself, drizzled with honey. Pairs great with Cherry Port Wine by Door Peninsula Winery.

And if you want to elongate the life of your heavy cream even further, you can freeze it. That's right:heavy cream holds up in the freezer for up to three months. We like to pour heavy cream into ice cube trays, freeze them solid, and then pop a few out when we only need a few ounces for a recipe. Let the cubes thaw in the fridge and then incorporate the now-liquid cream into your recipe as if you bought it yesterday.

Special Double Cream Stout derives its name from its smooth, creamy texture, not the ingredients. Completely dairy-free, this stout blends ten different specialty malts to yield a remarkable depth of flavor. With only a touch of burnt notes, Special Double Cream Stout focuses on the softer, cocoa & espresso-like aspects of roasted malt.

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