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The Three Faces Of Eve \/\/TOP\\\\

Dr. Luther considers both Eve White and Eve Black to be incomplete and inadequate personalities. The film depicts Dr. Luther's attempts to understand and deal with these two faces of Eve. Under hypnosis at one session, a third personality emerges, the relatively stable Jane. Dr. Luther eventually prompts her to remember a traumatic event in Eve's childhood. Her grandmother had died when she was six, and according to family custom, relatives were supposed to kiss the dead person at the viewing, making it easier for them to let go. While Eve screams, her mother forces her to kiss the corpse. Apparently, Eve's terror led to the creation of different personalities.

The Three Faces of Eve

  • Contrast: Beauty, Brains, and Brawn which has attractive, smart, and tough while in this trope all three represent different kinds of beauty: pleasant, provocative, and pretty. Alternatively beautiful, sexy, and cute. If brains or brawn are attached, they could go to any of the three.

  • Freudian Trio (an all-female version) with the Id being the flirtatious, charming Seductress. The Superego being the dutiful, hardworking Wife, leaving the Ego as the impressionable, often conflicted Child. Of course, this can be played with.

  • Madonna-Whore Complex where any individual woman must be either "sexual and malevolent" or "virtuous and maternal", but cannot be anything else.

  • The Weird Sisters, where the personality distinction does not need to be present, and the three must be supernatural.

  • Compare and contrast: The Hecate Sisters, where the "maiden" combines the naiveté of the child with the sexuality of the seductress, the "mother" combines the liveliness of the child with the maturity of the wife, and the "crone" doesn't have a close counterpart. The Hecates can represent a lifelong cycle of youthful, matured, and elderly, where the Eves can represent a coming of age cycle of naive, exploring, and wise.

  • The Three Faces of Adam, the Spear Counterpart to The Hecate Sisters.

  • Comic Books In some versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Triplicate Girl (or Triad) has a different personality for each body; Triad-Purple is brash and outgoing (seductress), Triad-Orange is shy and quiet (Child) and Triad-White is the stable figure who has to keep the other two together (Wife).

  • In the DC Universe series Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn plays up her clownish persona by acting ditzy and naive (child), Catwoman is pragmatic and sensible (Wife), and Poison Ivy is a vamp known for using her sex appeal to get her way (seductress).

  • The DCU also has Halo (child), Katana (wife/widow), and Looker (seductress) of the Outsiders. The 2018 Batman and the Outsiders series zig-zagged it a bit. Role of the child is this time taken by Cassandra Cain due to her being the youngest and lacking in social expertise, though a lot of her innocence was lost already. but the other two roles seem split between Katana and Lady Shiva. Katana has blatant Unresolved Sexual Tension with Black Lightning but resists it out of feeling it could be a betrayal of her dead husband, meaning the motivation of Wife/Widow prevents her from stepping into the role of Seductress. Shiva acts the role of Seductress, albeit non-sexual, as she attempts to tempt pretty much everyone on the team in some way, from urging Jefferson to seek revenge to trying to convince her daughter to abandon Batman's ideals. However, she does it due to a feeling being in Batman's shadow stifles Cassandra's potential - meaning she only assumes the role of Seductress out of a motivation befitting Wife/Mother.

  • Wonder Woman (1987): For a while Diana (calm rational experienced hero), Artemis (skimpily dressed Amazonian Beauty), and Cassie (a child/young teenager new to heroics) acted as a trio of heroes working together to fight villains.

  • One of the tales told in The Sandman (1989) is about Adam having three Eves: the first one was too sexually aggressive for Adam and was forced to leave Eden, the second one was too innocent and was rejected by Adam after he got squicked out by watching her body be formed organ by organ in front of him, and the third one was created from Adam's rib and lived to an old age.note This story is based on the medieval Jewish book The Alphabet of ben Sirach, which may or may not have been satirical.

  • In Alan Moore's Lost Girls, Alice is the Seductress (the one who initiates the sex games), Wendy is the Wife (a literal housewife) and Dorothy is the Child (the youngest and most good-natured).

  • Fan Works Evangelion 303: The three female pilots: Asuka is the intelligent, competent and dependable wife (when she is emotionally stable).

  • Mari is the Seductress: she is sexy, she knows it, and she flaunts it to the point that her weapons officer states that she shoots off hormones like they were lasers)

  • Rei is the Child: she is naive, innocent and insecure.

  • The Second Try: Asuka is the wife in more ways than one: She is wise, dependable and supportive, to the point that Shinji usually depends on her for everything.

  • Misato is the seductress, often flirting with Shinji (although she toned it down when she learnt that Shinji and Asuka were secretly married

  • Rei is the child: she is innocent, inmature, insecure and socially ignorant.

  • It's not really canon, but if we count Past Sins, then the three ponies touched by the Nightmare Forces fit this trope: we have wise Luna (wife), innocent Nyx (child), and flirty Rarity (seductress).

  • In Thousand Shinji: Asuka is the wife. She calmed Shinji down and her presence kept him emotionally stable.

  • Rei is the emotional child.

  • Misato is the sultry, sensual seductress.

  • Music The three main female muses in Eminem's music are his abusive, slutty, pill-crazed, litigious and overly enmeshed mother Debbie (a dark version of the Wife), his abusive, slutty, coke-crazed, emotionally unstable and serial cheat wife/ex-wife/wife/ex-wife Kim (a dark version of the Seductress), and his daughter Hailie, the light of his life who occasionally shows up on his tracks to provide kiddie vocals and chainsaw noises and represents everything good in his life (the Child).

  • In Greek Mythology, the Gorgon Sisters make for an interesting variation. While all three are attractive in their own right, Stheno (Seductress) was the eldest, dominating and most violent sister. Medusa (Wife) was the youngest, yet was the most clever and kept her sisters united. Lastly was Euryale (Child) who was the most sensitive yet mysterious (since theres not much about her), her howls could shatter stone and she cared for Medusa a lot.

  • Theatre The Schuyler sisters of Hamilton. Eliza is the Wife, Angelica is the flirty and fiery Seductress, Peggy is the Child. (If you add Maria Reynolds it becomes a Four-Girl Ensemble.)

  • In RENT, Joanne is the Wife, the mature one who wants commitment from Maureen, the Seductress. Mimi is the Child (Roger calls her "little girl" in "Another Day"), albeit one who's been through some stuff.

  • Oklahoma!: Aunt Eller, the wise, no-nonsense matriarch, fulfills the Wife roll. Ado Annie is the Seductress. Laurie is the Child who can't make up her mind about Curly and denies her feelings.

  • In Grease, Sandy is the wholesome and "hopelessly devoted" Wife, Rizzo is definitely the Seductress, and Frenchie (or any of the other Pink Ladies) is the Child.

  • Robert's three girlfriends in Company who sing "You Could Drive a Person Crazy." April is the ditzy Child, Marta is the bawdy Seductress, and Kathy is the most "Wife material" of the trio.

  • Avenue Q has Christmas Eve as the Wife, secretly wise about love and devoted to Brian. Kate Monster is the Child, sweet and still figuring herself out. Lucy the Slut is...take a guess.

  • Fun Home is an interesting case where the three faces of Eve are the same woman: Small Alison is the Child, Medium Alison is the Seductress exploring her sexuality, and Alison is the experienced and reflective Wife.

Playing a young, suburban ordinary housewife and mother from Richmond named Virginia, who has three different personalities, Joanne Woodward, then only 27, won the 1957 Best Actress Oscar for her showy performance (in fact, three different performances).

After discovering the cause of her disorder, Jane is gradually able to remember all that has ever happened to her three personalities. When Luther asks to speak with Eve White, they discover that Eve White and Eve Black no longer exist. All three personalities have merged again into a single one. She marries a man named Earl whom she met when she was Jane and reunites with her daughter Bonnie. In the very last scene, the trio is seen in the car, smiling and licking their ice cream.

However, it is notable for the performance of Joanne Woodward as the woman with the triple personality. The three personalities Woodward is called on to play are (1) a drab, colorless Georgia housewife, (2) a mischievous, irresponsible sexy dish, and (3) a sensible, intelligent and balanced woman.

Joanne Woodward gives a quietly superb performance in The Three Faces of Eve as a character, Eve, suffering from multiple personality disorder. She presents three distinct faces, skewing back and forth between Eve White and Eve Black with particular skill. Woodward's Eve Black is a great performance on its own.

We all have mood swings, but to see Woodward alter posture, facial expressions, her voice and emotions in the blink of an eye is a true marvel to behold. The Best Actress Oscar in 1957 was a done deal with this kind of form, excelling in playing three different characters enveloped into one poor woman.

As fun and charismatic as Eve Black is, her very presence is still a reminder of how serious these kind of mental health problems have to be taken. The Three Faces of Eve maps themes of abandonment, suicide, repression into the human heart through all three women. Never is multiple personality a joke or something to pass by. And how much awareness do you suppose there were of such illnesses by 1957? And how do you explain the components of the condition to, say, her husband? 041b061a72


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