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Dungeons Of Aether

Dungeons of Aether will feature turn-based combat with a dice draft system to ensure every battle is unique and challenging, and players will need to adapt to a new pool of dice each turn to stay in the game. It will include both a Challenge Dungeons mode, where players can test their skills in randomly generated dungeons with unique rules and equipment, as well as the Story Mode, which follows the tale of four main characters.

Dungeons of Aether


Players will have access to four heroes, each with their own skills and personalities. Fleet, Slade, Artemis and Hamir are all options for players to use. Additionally, players can explore challenge dungeons which includes randomly generated dungeons with unique rules and equipment. On the other hand, Story Mode gives players a more casual approach to the game allowing them to interact with NPCs and more.

That's not all, though. In the lead-up to this big reveal, Aether Studios also announced a new rogue-lite turn-based game called Dungeons of Aether. It's set in the same universe and will see players control of four new heroes as they uncover the mysteries of the Julesvale Caverns or take grueling challenge dungeons. Here's a look: 041b061a72


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