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Blades And Sorcery Modsl

The Katana Megapack is a weapon pack that adds 22 new katanas and other Japanese inspired weapons from a variety of time periods. Even cooler, all these blades come with their own saya (scabbards), that can be held and attached to your holster!

Blades And Sorcery Modsl

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The weapons added by this mod have come with a Saya, which can be used to store the Katana and act as a makeshift weapon when needed. The blades introduced through this mod range from short daggers to regular-sized katanas to much bigger swords called Odachi.

If you upload numerous patches on the Blade and sorcery or any other game, the Game integrity gets disturbed. Based on the overall size increase of the game, the steam will throw this error at your device and this results in infinite loading.

Here are some verified troubleshooting steps that can help you to fix this issue of infinite load on the blade and sorcery game. Continue reading and start following the steps side by side and doing this would probably fix the issue.


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