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[S6E11] She's Gone

Donna: That was nice. Harvey: It was... and as much as I'd like to spend all day doing it, we should get going. Just do me a favor..Donna: Harvey, I don't think you understand... I told you once this happened again, I don't work for you anymore. Harvey: Donna, you can't leave me. Donna: I'm not leaving you, Harvey. I just don't work for you. Harvey: That's leaving me. Donna: No Harvey, that's not leaving you. Jessica left you and you need to get it through your head that she's never coming back.

[S6E11] She's Gone

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I felt a lot of sympathy for Robin as she choked back the tears. She must have gotten a harsher raking than we saw because she couldn't keep in the tears during the return to the stew room. Judging by her reaction, she really seemed to think she was going to go. It's a bit sad to hear her express that she's technically outclassed by the group, but it's the truth.

Sad to see Jen express that she's ready to go. She really did not seem to care much during her hotel walkthrough. I'm not crazy about his personality, but at least Eli really wants to be in the competition. Although she was initially one of my favorites, I wouldn't at all be disappointed at this point to see Jen bow out before the finale.

I love Jen, but she's given up & ready to go. It's sad, but I'll have to stop caring about her chances any more. This is a competition & I'm excited by & rooting for people who are actually competing.

Disappointing to hear Jen say she's ready to go. Not inspiring, to say the least, given that she rightly earned the Jen Norris nickname at the beginning of the season -- that seems a long time ago, doesn't it?

Clearly past performance was taken into account. No matter what Tom says, if those two dishes were put in front of you and you were told to eat one, I doubt very many people would dig into that nightmare that Eli made. It didn't even sound like a good idea gone wrong. That being said, Robin lasted much longer than she should have. And I hope that no other chef is ever treated like that again.

Cool. I saw a clear EC elim. Remember Eli did win the Quick Fire, Robin was at the bottom, which should have helped him with Nigella and Padme. In EC Eli bombed out on his complex novel circus dish. Whereas Robin bombed on something that looks like soup flan that she's tried and failed at before, which judges said was basic level dish. She's tried her congealed jello soup more than once (remember French challenge). JT to Robin, gelatin soup does not make something fine dining, or novel, no more than Jen Z's satin (ep 1). The only ego ding Eli should take is if Robin had just made some of her "comfort food" she would likely have stayed on over him.

Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer. I'm still a big fan. I'm hoping her bad misses recently is because she's just not good/experienced at assembly-line very-high-volume cattle-call type ECs, and she gets the chance to bounce back in a low-volume, artisan type of EC.

Yes, Robin's finally gone! Like Dom, I really wanted her to go just to avoid all the drama that she, perhaps due to no fault of her own, was creating. To a lesser extent, Mike I too for that matter. Finally, we can get back to the food.

hey, anon man, i wanna know what nastiness toby young said about nigella in his books! (stylistically they're so different: she's talking about a 17th century courtesan's inner thigh jiggle and he's belaboring his "he came to vegas TO GAMBLE, and he LOST!" comments like some kind of cheeseball monster truck announcer.)

The moment Robin announced she was making a panna cotta, I said aloud, "She's going home. No one ever wins with panna cotta, and lots of people have gone home." Be that as it may, I also agree with the judges' decision, for two reasons. First, IIRC, the big issues with Eli's dish were appearance and texture; the flavors sounded potentially tasty and interesting. Second, screwing up three basic techniques -- the panna cotta, sauce, and sugar "glass" were ALL bad -- is, I think, a worse crime than making an ambitious dish that fails.

With Jessica gone, Harvey and Louis are left to decide who will become managing partner. While Harvey had hoped to avoid the conversation as long as he could (against Donna's advice), Robert Zane brought the confrontation to the forefront when his offer to merge included throwing down what Louis Litt described as a "gauntlet."

Buffy's efforts to help Willow's recovery are disrupted by a run-in with an intrusive social worker and a spat with Spike. Then, she's mistakenly zapped by an invisibility ray wielded by Jonathan, Warren and Andrew. At least she gets a new hairdo.

Buffy wants to continue their physical activities, but Spike tells her that he is tired of being with her and not really having her. He says the only reason she came to see him is that she thinks she's not really there, because she's invisible. He asks her to leave if she isn't really going to be with him. He is frustrated with her carefree attitude and doesn't appreciate the way she seems to be using the invisibility as an excuse to escape her real life. She protests, but eventually leaves. She doesn't do too well at home when she scares Dawn, who has the same frustrations as Spike, combined with extreme worry for her sister. The bad stuff keeps on coming when she gets the message from Xander and Anya on the answering machine about the effects of the invisibility ray. Meanwhile, Willow has looked up the van by hacking into the DMV records, and has figured out who owns it. She goes into their lair in Warren's mother's basement, but is captured by the Trio, who have made themselves invisible. Jonathan then calls Buffy (disguising his voice so she can't identify him) and tells her that The Trio has kidnapped Willow and tells her to meet them at the arcade.

"So, you three have what? Banded together to be pains in my ass?" Buffy asks. Warren stands firm, proclaiming himself and the others to be Buffy's "archnemesises-ses." After a smoke-bomb goes off and after scuffling to open the door, The Trio escape. Buffy and Willow sit on the curb outside and talk about their struggles today: Willow explains that while she found the Trio without magic, she was tempted to use it while Buffy admits that, while she's still struggling with being alive, when she learned the full effects of the invisibility ray she realized she doesn't want to die. The two friends sit and reflect on their small but significant steps to overcoming their problems.

Saul gives Francesca some instructions to pick up cash nearby that was stashed away. Saul asks for a general update; she explains how she is still getting followed; she then references Skyler White, who received a deal, but then explains that the authorities are still looking for Jesse Pinkman. Saul is frustrated that everything is gone, including all his shell companies.

Kate and Toby learned that Jack was missing and started freaking out. Rebecca realized that he had gone to the park, and she rushed there. She found her grandson, who had fallen to the sidewalk. Jack bled from a small wound on his forehead. They took Jack to the hospital, where he got stitches.

When Janeway returns to the simulation again, she meets the improved Mr. Sullivan, this time finding him at the train station reading. She now hits it off well with him, as he talks about poetry, and shows much more curiosity. When the subject of travel comes up, Janeway says she hasn't been to Castle O'Dell, yet. He immediately gets up to go there with her. As they continue to talk, he asks her what she's looking for in a man. That is when Chakotay approaches. He is surprised to see her, but stays out of the way, and heads off to meet Neelix at The Ox and Lamb.

On the ship's bridge, as they chart the wave front and find another rough patch two days away, Chakotay asks her about the book of poetry she's reading, and makes it clear he is asking about him. She says that it is merely an interest in Irish culture, nothing more. She admits her modifications (Chakotay had noticed Sullivan was taller than before), but reminds Chakotay that Sullivan is just a hologram. Chakotay is amused but does not criticize; he thinks it's nice to see the Captain having a little fun.

Four months ago. Amelia is speaking at an AA meeting. She's been sober for 407 days. Charlotte was 8 weeks pregnant when she celebrated a year, so she uses her to keep track. If she were here, she'd be glad that at least someone was getting something useful out of the pregnancy. Amelia says it sounds less awful if you know her. She then says things are going good in her second year. She got herself an apartment and she's been trying to make it into a home. As she says this, we see Amelia walking around in an apartment with little furniture or decoration and an empty fridge. She says it's nice to be able to cook whatever she wants as we see her eat cereal. She also says she started working out again, which, in her case, means watching a fitness program and participate a little while eating ice cream on the couch. Year two is a challenge, but she's ready. It's all about growth, and she's set herself up to grow. She's really good. The audience applauds.

Amelia walks into the kitchen at the practice and greets her colleagues with a holla. They ask about her weekend. She replies she didn't leave her apartment in order to unpack. Addison remarks she's been there for three months, but Amelia says she's methodical. Violet says she should be out, doing stuff that makes her feel old. Amelia hasn't met any of her neighbors yet, claiming she's too focused on her recovery. Socialization is an important part of that, Violet says. She suggests that Amelia that, but Amelia says guys would run from her. Violet says they're all doctors with friends who don't scare easily, so she asks if Amelia would be open to dating someone of their choosing. Knowing it'll become a thing, Amelia agrees. She just hopes she won't regret it. 041b061a72


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