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Gumroad €? V-Ray Interior Lighting With Ian Ruhfass

In this 1.5 hour VRay Interior Lighting Tutorial I will show you some different ways you can approach lighting an interior scene. You will learn various techniques and tips to help you create a sense of realism in your renders, and how to convey different moods and atmospheres easily. I'll be sharing the same workflow that I've been using in the industry over the past 10 years as a professional 3D Lighting Artist. Over the past few years I've won multiple Emmy Awards while using VRay - most notably for being the Lighting/Shading Lead on the Game of Thrones title sequence.

Gumroad – V-Ray Interior Lighting with Ian Ruhfass

Take your architectural rendering to the next level with this 3D tutorial. We will go step by step as I create every single light while explaining my thinking behind it. I will cover various types of VRay lights and how they are used, and there is a bonus lesson on using environment fog to help convey a sense of thick atmosphere - perfect for creating moody interior scenes. Realistic rendering is the focus here, and is critical to understanding before diving into more stylized types of renders.


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