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Choose your JOURNEY

  • 1 hr Coaching

    Awaken and re-connecting you to your true-self
    • Self Assessment to know yourself better
    • 1hr Powerful Coaching session
    • Toolkit of techniques to integrate in everyday life
  • Best Value

    30 Day Journey

    Uncover and release limiting beliefs
    • Uncover outdated and self-sabotaging belief systems
    • Understand and address the root cause
    • Find closure and relief from unresolved trauma's
    • Re-wire your mind to feel happier, empowered and confident
    • Pre-session self assessment
    • 1 x 30min session to map what you are looking to transform
    • 1 x 2hr Rapid Transformation hypnotherapy session
    • 1 x Personalised audio to rewire and integrate new awareness
    • 1 x 1hr Follow Up Review Call
    • Email support throughout 30 day journey
  • 90 Day Journey

    Every week
    Ultimate journey to step into your greatness
    Valid for 12 weeks
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