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What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?

What is clinical hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is an established complementary therapy that uses advanced methods of hypnosis and other techniques to address emotional, mental, and physical problems.

The therapeutic technique I am trained in is the  Rapid Transformation Method which gets directly to the root cause of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms.

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?

Watch video explainer for RTT

Rapid Transformation Method has a unique 'layering' of some beneficial principles including hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive psychology, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Science has proven with neuroplasticity that we can rewire our minds, which is why it has the most powerful potential on the planet and using the RTT method to access the subconscious, we can create new neural pathways and replace negative outdated belief systems with empowering and healthier ones.

What are the benefits?

Working with clients using this method has had profound results and the greatest benefit has been to change outdated belief systems that are often picked up from childhood and create change within the mind, body and psyche.

The benefits of working with this method are that unlike traditional talk therapies that can take a long time to get to the root of the issue, a single 120 min session* within RTT can provide a powerful understanding of what’s holding you back from performing at your best and even recovering from injury or illness.

What I love about this technique is it helps clients regain control of the mind and by releasing past traumas and negative experiences holding you back moves you into positive outcomes within each session.

*Please note in a single session you will experience a deep understanding of a single presenting issue and depending on the individual further sessions may be required to fully enhance change*

Akashic Healing Alignment

Have you ever wondered who you are or who you are being? I don’t mean being a mother, father, a friend, a wife, I mean the essence of your true self! 

I am trained as an Akashic practitioner to read your souls profile.

The Akashic is the cosmos field of ancient wisdom and is often referenced as the intelligence of spirit. I like to explain its almost like having access to an infinite knowledge of wisdom like a giant library that I can access as a healer through my higher self.

Akashic Healing alignment reading allows me to gain access to your individual quantum self to find the essence of who you are on a deeper connection within your energy system.

Through the process of allowing me to access your higher self it can support you towards deep ancestral, generational inner healing, uncovering any blocks and remembering your own gifts to bring into the world therefore helping you to connect to your true self.

I often get asked about the soul and spirit and personal I beleive the spirit is the true essence of who you are and the soul is the part of you having this human experience to learn, grow and love. When we truly live from our hearts we are connected into our spirit it just depends on how you prefer to reference it. We are connected through an energy frequency and this has been forgotten about in the western world.

Step 1 I will guide you through your souls blue print. This is essentially made up of your gifts, specialisations, lifetime lessons and characteristics of your inate soul.

Step 2 - I use your energy centres/chakras as a map to define how they are performing and identify any blocks that can be caused through ancestral or generational energy imprints.

Step 3 - I will then deliver a powerful healing process with you to clear the energetic blocks.

Step 4 - It's then over to YOU. You will be provided with the recording to revisit and make any notes. It's important to understand everything I share with you is in the realm of pure potential and you will take what resonates with you at the time. You also have free will to make different choices of what you choose to recieve or not. You will have to complete a 21 day day healing prayer to integrate the new healing. This has to be completed without any breaks and if you miss a day you will need to start the prayer again from scratch.

For Children under 18 it is ok to record the healing prayer on their behalf and play it everday for them. There energy systems are much more sensitive and will receive the healing more easily.

You are more than likely to notice the benefits subtly over 6 months and its important to be aware while you are moving through the prayer you may feel some abbreactions such as feeling tired, emotional but also lighter and more energised. It is very dependant on the individual.

'There is a sea of consciousness that is universal even though we each percieve it from our own shore. It is a world that we all share, one that can be experienced by every living being yet is seldom seen by any.' Alberto Villoldo.

What is the Ultimate Diamond Experience?

The Ultimate Diamond Experience is a combination of Akashic Healing and connecting to your future quantum self.

This unique combination will provide deep spiritual quantum healing and align you to manifest your future dreams.

Who is it for?

Do you feel you are not fully expressing who you are and know there is something more to you in your life and you can't find the answer?

Are you stuck and looking to find more meaning and purpose in your life beyond how you are being?

Are you awakening to become more conscious as a parent and want to connect with your child on a deeper level to understand yourself and them in order to create more harmony and balance as a family unit?

If this resonates with you, Claire has created these beautiful journeys to connect you back to your unique gifts and the essence of who you are.

When you fully align your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self, you will feel more whole and integrated, trust in your decisions and find meaning and purpose to flow more connected in life.

I recommend this journey if you want to connect deeper with your soul and the energy and essence of your heart or if you have been working with me therapeutically and now curious to know more.

What is the Quantum Future experience?

Imagine stepping into the essence of what you want to create to live a life you love. I take you on an incredible journey of self discovery to find the energy and essence of what your truly want.

We all set goals, however we find that they are set from this present moment where we may have limited belief's so we don't always allow ourselves to access what we can really experience in life.

I like to frame this session as vision boarding on steroids. You have the power to create a life you want and realise your dreams.

I have combined this beautiful journey to powerfully connect you into the world of possibilities to create a life you love. Using a technique called Quantum Life Technique, this combination of healing is a powerful connection to quantum leap you into a future you want to create and manifest a life of your wildest dreams.

What to expect in the quantum experience?

Part 1

What we do:

  • Gain access to your higher self (super conscious self or spirit whatever you decide to call it)

  • Gain clarity, meaning, purpose of all the possibilities you can create to align you to life you love

  • Discover the energy and essence of who you are

  • Bring to your present day the many gifts and messages you receive from your journey to begin to take action towards what you want.

So you can:

Be more present in your daily life while moving towards your goals

Become the creator of a life you choose and fulfill your potential

Draw your dreams closer to you while you move towards them

Part 2

I take you on a journey to share with the world your legacy.

What we do:

Guided journey to your highermind/super conscious to discover yourself sharing your incredible gifts through an interview being shared with the world.

So you can continue to:

Become the creator of a life you choose and fulfill your potential

Draw your dreams closer to you while you move towards them

Part 3

What we do:

  • Explore actions you will need to take to get you to where you what to be from part 1 and 2

  • Collaborate to create a magnetic alignment audio to help you align your conscious/sub conscious and super conscious mind to create your reality.

What other methods do I use?

Our sessions are client led and my approach uses tools and techniques with whatever is required to meet my client's needs. I always ensure you are aware of any methods I use as part of our journey together.

Training and CPD

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy

Functional Medicine Health coach

Positive Intelligence Coaching

Quantum Life Technique

Positive Psychology

Heart Math coach and mentor

Parts Therapy


Meditation and mindfulness


Energy Medicine

Soul Alignment (Akashic)

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Magnetic Mind Coaching

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Compassionate Inquiry

Reiki Master

Silva Method

Neurolinguistic Programming

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