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Why I believe in YOU

Your greatest creation is the one you choose when it comes from the heart. From this place the hidden jewel, that is YOU will shine like a diamond of limitless potential.

Are you ready to shine bright?

My Journey

'Official Bio'

Claire is a trained as a Clinical hypnotherapist, Functional Medicine health coach, HeartMath Coach and Rapid Transformation Therapy where she has mentored and trained new RTT therapists, travelled internationally as a trainer and was the lead creator for RTT method's 5 Day challenge 'I can't to I can' for primary school children's mental health, which was short listed in the Educational Resources Awards 2022. Claire  has been fortunate to have been one of the first therapists to work with RTT in a secondary school setting and continues to do so.

Her training started over 15 years ago when she was first introduced to NLP, Reiki, tapping, heartmath, meditation and mindfulness. With her love of learning and her passion to help others find peace, love and harmony from within, Claire has trained in multiple modalities of coaching and holistic healing practices and continues to upskill her services through CPD trainings.

What you don't know about Claire is she loves to live from the heart, looks for the best in everyone and genuinely cares about the people around her. She considers herself an undercover spiritual warrior.


She has recently completed an extensive course to re-ignite her passion for healing on the quantum level as an Akashic Soul Alignment practitioner. This extraordinary method has re-connected her to her inate gifts of intuition and insight to provide a very sacred healing space for her clients. She absolutely believes that providing this deep level of healing of the spirit combined with her therapy and coaching practises will truly allow the client to activate deeper healings states from within and help them to become more in touch with the truth of who they are, recognise their own gifts and feel empowered to step into their greatness.

Claire feels very honoured to have worked with many clients over the years including professional athletes and is a co-founder of Free Young Minds, Master Your Greatness and her very own bespoke programme Shining Diamond of Potential

What I want you to know about me

I am loving, compassionate, kind and love to appreciate the beauty I see in people.

I have been a high-achieving, people pleaser which left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

I have felt not good enough and anxious

I believed everyone was always judging me

I believed that it was selfish for me to prioritise self-care.

I have suffered from not feeling like I ever fit in.

I have struggled financially, lost loves through traumatic experiences and have felt lonely.

Why I know I can help YOU

My experiences personally, professional and with others is why I want to help others to feel empowered, trust in themselves and have the confidence to live the life of their dreams. It took me years to get to truly see all my gifts and how I have navigated through the challenges to ultimately feel good within myself. I know I can guide and support you on your journey and it doesn't have to take years which is why the formulas and packages I have created will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and truly know who you are, who you are being and want to be and have the confidence to know you are good enough to live a life you love.

My beautiful family

I am a mother to 4 beautiful human beings. I have been with my husband for half my life and my journey as a young mum has been the source of inspiration to be working with teens, young adults and mums that have felt like I have through my parenting journey.

I am lover of adventure, nature, reading, healthy living, meditation, the power of plant medicines, spiritual healing, always learning, growing and connecting with people.


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