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How can anxiety be a gift of wisdom?

Anxiety arrives and it feels like you either want to hide, run or just freeze, but what if the anxiety is a message of wisdom and insight?

A Client's story

‘It must be exhausting living everyday in the energy of fear’ I said as I reflected back on an insight from a client.

She replied ‘yes’ and considered this insight a gift of wisdom because she had not perceived the anxiety as being in fear with an energy attached to it. She also realised the anxiety was showing her that she had things that needed to be addressed rather than covered over like a plaster or bypassed as something that just runs in the family.

As we delved a little deeper, I shared with her some interesting findings about frequency and emotions, how thoughts become things and how addressing the root cause of the anxiety would help her to move through it and be free from its debilitating effects.

As our journey unfolded by awakening herself to recognise the triggers, identifying clearly the symptoms and her behaviours, she started to become more connected to herself. She soon began to realize she was more in control of the anxiety because she was directly affecting how it showed up in her life.

This understanding helped her to recognise how powerful she was to allow it to negatively affect her life, which now meant she absolutely had the power to change it.

By the time we finished our journey together and connecting her back into herself, addressing the root cause of the anxiety and releasing it, she finally felt free from the anxiety that kept her stuck from experiencing life.

She had more energy because she was choosing to be excited about the unknown rather than fearing it, found wisdom through her traumatic experiences and now had life affirming tools to address any challenges that show up in everyday situations.

This is just one story of the many clients I see with anxiety and everyone is different, yet the same!!!

What do I mean by different, yet the same?

Anxiety shows up differently to the individual experiencing it for example, some have social anxiety, anxiety around being alone or anxiety of not knowing what’s going to happen next.

It can show up as panic attacks, heart palpitations, insomnia and a whole variety of symptoms but ultimately most of my clients are triggered by a fear of the unknown and past experiences

What steps can you take to overcome anxiety?

Working with anxiety is different for each individual and the key steps I have identified

can awaken your awareness to moving through anxiety and turning the pain into power and wisdom.

The fundamental practices I share with clients are based on 3 simple steps:

  • Awaken

  • Release

  • Transform

These steps are simple to follow but it also takes committed action to move through each journey and just like you train your muscles to be physically strong these steps will train your mental muscle to be more resilient and easily adapt to ever changing environments.

You will take back your own power to navigate through anxiety and become more in control of it than let it control you.

The AWAKENING is based on understanding the triggers, symptoms and patterns of thought and behaviours of anxiety. Discovering core concepts at the conscious level of how it affects everyday living and learning everyday tools to teach the nervous system to move out of fear and into what I call bliss. Using some powerful tools including heart coherence and breathing techniques, clients learn to fully understand the foundations of the anxiety.

The RELEASE is a powerful therapeutic tool utilising a deeply relaxed state of mind to find the root cause, the role, function and purpose of the anxiety and not just the symptom as many other conventional practices address. By interpreting the significance and meaning of the effects the anxiety is having from outdated and negative belief systems, clients gain a powerful understanding of the pain and suffering from the anxiety and turn it into wisdom by re-framing a new set of more positive beliefs and healthier systems of thinking. Through repetition of the new found wisdom they teach the mind and body to learn new habits and behaviours to finally release them from the experiences of anxiety with a deep understanding and power to change

Finally the TRANSFORMATION continues to take you on a powerful journal to continue to install and strengthen the mind towards what you want and fulfill your true potential and be the master of your own greatness. This transformation will take you on the journey into the future you want to create and with the powerful release of the past you will be living more fully in the present being excited about the unknown and trusting in your journey towards your greatness.

If you want to know more about how to step into your greatness and take back control of the anxiety that is ruling your life, I would love to connect and empower you to trust and believe in yourself to change your life.

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