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Social Media - My friend or Foe?

In my journey, I've found that navigating social media has been like an allergic reaction to my soul.

It stirs up wounds of inadequacy and a fear of rejection, while also revealing darker aspects within myself and amongst those around me. Witnessing individuals, including children, teens engrossed in their screens, disconnected from the present moment, evokes a deep sense of concern within me.

Yet, amidst this whirlwind of digital distraction and addiction, there exists a profound wisdom that has the potential to rekindle human connections and foster learning. It's a realm of duality, where choice, enlightenment, and consciousness play pivotal roles.

So, why do I choose to share my journey in this space? Through healing my own wounds, I've come to appreciate the power of community and the guidance of a mentor who has illuminated my path. She beautifully likened my wisdom to a cloak, from which I draw to offer guidance to those seeking healing. I can draw from my professional and personal experiences. It's not about providing a quick fix; it's about co-creating a sacred sanctuary where healing unfolds organically.

I've come to realise that our beliefs and perspectives are deeply rooted in our individual stories, shaped by experiences and influences. While initial challenges may provoke discomfort, they also ignite a spark of curiosity, inviting us to explore alternative viewpoints.

Over the years, I've delved into countless rabbit holes, each unveiling new layers of understanding and curiosity. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, I've learned to trust my inner guidance, recognising that some truths may forever elude our grasp.

In a world filled with conflicting narratives, whether the Earth is flat or round, I've learned to embrace the uncertainty, acknowledging that the quest for truth is a deeply personal journey.

So, as I step into this social space, I do so with an open heart and a willingness to embrace vulnerability. I extend an invitation for you to join me, not as passive recipients of truth, but as active participants in the dance of exploration and self-discovery.

Just as marmite divides opinion, you either love it or hate it! so too does the journey of the soul elicit varied responses. Embrace the journey, cherish the moments of resonance, and trust in your innate wisdom to discern what aligns with your truth and what doesn’t.

I look forward to sharing the wisdom collectively so we can all grow and evolve together.

With Love and Blessings


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