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The True Story Behind Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story 720p - Facts and Fiction

the second factor, as i mentioned above, is the narrative. it can be said to be an extension of the first half, and where the narrative was good, it extends its duration in this mode. one can hardly wait for the film to be over, the pace of the second half is just leisurely. that is why jaane kahan (mohammad ali), who is our witness to the entire struggle, has no impact on the proceedings. thankfully, once we get to know how the entire tale ends, it becomes quite a read!

Taj Mahal An Eternal Love Story 720p

among the two rajas from neighboring countries, afzal khan (feroz khan), who lives in a cave, cannot be happier for the death of his nemesis. once he hears of the victory of his country over his, he sets out for india, boasting his hatred for the mughal dynasty. he settles in agra, only to be chased down by the elephants. he runs across ran singh and stands there like a dumb-bell waiting to be lifted and sent back to wherever it came from. however, the mughal court asks him to act as spy and he abhors the idea. but when the mughal king asks him to let go of his hanuman, he agrees and promises the mughal king his allegiance as well as his men. eventually, his treaty is severed when the mughal palace is destroyed and he tries to take action. but he finds that the revenge he seeks has engulfed his own people. what is left?

but take out this year from our films. why? because there's no doubt that the film that came out this year was influenced by the impending disaster that the present times, as well as the past. but for all that, the film is quite enjoyable. the film focuses on the antics of the lifetime of the couple. 'taj mahal: a eternal love story' shows the crumbling of the kingdom that the mughals ruled for ages to come. it paints a vivid picture of things that later came to pass. with the 3d effect that was added, we can also see things that we have only heard about. it is heart-warming to see that these scenes from a time long past, also painted the reality that unfolded on the map today. on the whole, it is a film that is light hearted and enjoyable, despite the difficulties that one encounters. perhaps, the director could have cut out some of the fluff to make the film a bit shorter. but it does offer a peek at a piece of history.


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