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szpak, paul. 2007. geodesic triangulations and local optimality of parametric curves. in proc. of the 1st workshop on geometric constraint-based modeling (gamm) (tenerife, spain, june 12-15, 2007) pp. 15-26. la jolla, ca, usa : acm press. compte des citations dans scopus : 2.

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jahn, michael. 2007. customizing search engines for students. in proc. of the 4th european conference on distance learning (ecdl-2007) (salzburg, austria, aug. 25-28, 2007) pp. 194-200. jönköping, sweden : international research institute of information sciences. compte des citations dans scopus : 2.

chen, keith, brien, michael j. et cohen, michael g. 2008. designing an operational 3d-3d registration software for non-linear manipulation of the human body. in proc. of the 2008 international conference on interactive, mobile, wearable and ubiquitous devices (imwut-08) (tokyo, japan, dec. 7-10, 2008) pp. 285-288. singapore : ieee computer society press. compte des citations dans scopus : 4.

miller, kenneth e., alt, r. w. & slaney, j. c. (1945). a facile method of estimating by neutron activation the amount of phosphorus in an organic compound. proceedings of the royal society of london series a. 220(1042), pp. 368-376.

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richardson, h. w., slaney, j. c. & anthes, h. v. (1945). a combined method for the determination of phosphorus and organic phosphorus compounds by using phosphorus-nitrogen as the tracer. canadian journal of chemistry 21, pp. 357-359.


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