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ShortURL allows to reduce long links from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In and sites with authority on the Internet. Just paste the long URL and click the Shorten URL button. On the next screen, copy the shortened URL and share it on websites, chat and emails. After shortening the URL, check how many clicks it received.

Link Shortner

Bitly has enabled us to build trust with clients by giving them branded short links that carry the main message of the link and that carries our brand. Bitly also gives us data analytics on who is clicking our links which helps us carry the clients forward in the advertising process.

Think of a short URL as a more descriptive and memorable nickname for your long webpage address. You can, for example, use a short URL like so people will have a good idea about where your link will lead before they click it.

How many people can even remember a long web address, especially if it has tons of characters and symbols? A short URL can make your link more memorable. Not only does it allow people to easily recall and share your link with others, it can also dramatically improve traffic to your content.

There are several benefits of branding your short links. Branded links build trust between your audience and your business, drive more clicks, give your audience a preview of where they are being taken and increase brand awareness.

Managing links is even easier using the features available in the dashboard after logging in, as well as using the API. makes link management easier than ever, and advanced analytics allow you to understand what is happening with your links - so you know what you can improve and get the highest click-through rate. allows you to measure the click-through rates of your links, so you can find out what is happening with your links. Thanks to this, you can learn about the habits and preferences of your users and customers. This allows you to improve and increase the click-through rate of your links to get the highest possible click-through and visit rates for your website or store, and this will increase your sales. In addition, thanks to the ability to independently set uniqueness in the link click-through analysis, you have one of the most advanced link management platforms at your disposal.

Do you need a tool that will allow you to shorten links, track their click-through rates, but also preserve and represent your brand? gives you this opportunity. You can shorten and analyze link click rates under your own brand - you can add multiple custom domains and replace with

Start using the API to add, edit links as well as download click statistics. The API also allows you to add and edit links in your own domain. On our website, you can use several APIs depending on your subscription. Each team you create has its own API key, so link management can be organized in your own way.

A URL shortener, sometimes called a Link shortener, is a tool that shortens a long URL into a shorter link that redirects to the target URL.URL shorteners enable users to create branded short links using either the service's domain or their own custom domain. Moreover, they allow customization of the back-half of a short link, making it more readable for the audience and potentially generating more clicks compared to a standard URL.If you operate online, using a URL shortener can be highly beneficial. Platforms like provide a convenient solution for creating, managing, and tracking short links and their click statistics, making your marketing efforts more effective.

There are several advantages to using short links, making them an essential tool for online marketing and communication:1. Improved readability and aesthetics: Short links look cleaner and are easier to share in social media, emails, and other online platforms. They make your content appear more organized and professional.2. Increased click-through rate (CTR): Short, branded links are more enticing to click on, as they appear more trustworthy and relevant to the user.3. Enhanced tracking and analytics: Short links often come with built-in tracking features that allow you to monitor clicks, geographic data, and other engagement metrics, helping you optimize your marketing efforts.4. Customization and branding: Short links can include your brand name or a custom alias, making them easily recognizable and memorable, which strengthens your brand identity.5. Space-saving: Short links save space in character-limited platforms, such as Twitter, allowing you to convey more information within the allowed character count.6. Better management: By using a URL shortener, you can better manage and organize your links, making it easier to update or modify them as needed.By including short links in your marketing and communication strategies, you can enjoy these benefits and improve your online visibility.

Yes, Cuttly is a free URL shortener that allows users to create short, customized, and trackable URLs. Although there are certain limitations in place, these are designed to ensure optimal performance and user experience for everyone.Cuttly offers its free service by implementing a tiered structure, including a basic free plan alongside premium plans. The free plan provides users with essential URL shortening features, such as custom aliases, URL tracking, and QR code generation. While free users do encounter certain restrictions, like a limited number of shortened URLs or alias / back-half of short links limitations, these limitations help maintain the sustainability of the platform.All available options and pricing for URL Shortener - Cuttly: See features & pricing

A short link is a condensed version of a long web address (URL) that is generated by a URL shortening service. These tiny URLs are designed to be more visually appealing, easily shareable, and suitable for platforms with character limitations, such as social media, text messages, and email. Short links are especially helpful when sharing content in situations where space is limited or where a clean, uncluttered appearance is desired.Cuttly is a widely used URL shortening tool that specializes in creating short links. By utilizing Cuttly, you can transform long, cumbersome web addresses into brief, memorable alternatives that are more user-friendly and easier to share. In addition to generating short links, Cuttly offers valuable features, such as custom aliases, analytics, and much more. These additional functionalities enable you to track user engagement, monitor the performance of your short links.A short link is a concise version of a URL, created to improve shareability and aesthetics. Cuttly is a popular tool for generating these short links, offering users additional features to enhance their online sharing experience.

A branded short link is a customized, shortened URL that incorporates a custom branded domain and standard or custom-back-half. These tailored short links not only maintain the benefits of traditional short links, such as shareability and space-saving, but also help enhance brand recognition, trust, and consistency across various online channels.Cuttly, a popular URL shortening service, offers the ability to create branded short links easily. With Cuttly, you can replace generic short link with your brand domain and a custom alias, making your links more memorable and recognizable to your audience. This customization helps reinforce your brand identity and can lead to increased user engagement and click-through rates.In summary, branded short links are customized, shortened URLs that incorporate a brand name or identifier, promoting brand awareness and trust. Cuttly provides an easy-to-use platform for creating these branded short links, helping businesses establish a consistent online presence.

Short links generated using Cuttly do not have an expiration date. They are designed to last indefinitely, providing a reliable and consistent way to share your content. However, if you wish to remove a short link, Cuttly allows you to manually delete it at any time, giving you full control over the availability of your short URLs.

Absolutely! Cuttly is a versatile URL shortener that allows you to incorporate your own custom or branded domains for URL shortening purposes. This feature enables you to maintain a consistent brand image while using short links.You have the option to add multiple custom domains to your Cuttly account, enhancing the flexibility of your URL shortening strategy.Details on quantities are available here:

Cuttly is a sophisticated URL shortener and Link Analytics platform that enables you to track various data points related to clicks on your short links. The collected analytical data includes:Number of clicks;Source of clicks, including redirects from other sources or social media platforms;Referrals, or specific sources of redirects;Devices used to access the link (e.g., tablet, phablet, mobile phone, TV, desktop computer, console);Operating systems and their versions;Browsers and their versions;Device brands and their versions;Languages set on the device when clicking the short link;Geographic locations, countries from which the link was accessed;Bots (these do not count towards the total number of clicks, but bot-related data is available from the Single subscription plan).By providing such comprehensive insights, Cuttly helps you better understand your audience, optimize your marketing efforts, and enhance your online presence.

Absolutely! Cuttly enables you to generate QR codes for all short links, including link-in-bio, and customize them to suit your brand's style. You can modify colors, shapes, and even add your own logo to make your QR codes more visually appealing and aligned with your brand identity.If you find the traditional black and white QR codes too monotonous, Cuttly's customization options help you create engaging, on-brand QR codes that effectively capture your audience's attention. 041b061a72


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